How many of you think that your country is a well-disciplined country in the world, many of you will say that our country is best, But if we think logically every country has to learn many things from each other. But there is a country which can teach us about discipline and manners, the country where people think that cleanliness is not an extra job but it`s our deed, the country where everybody knows the real meaning of discipline and that country is known as Japan.

10 Amazing Facts About Japan.

Below are the 10 Things we should learn from Japan and implement in our nation.

amazing facts about japan

Japan is the country which is 9 times smaller than our country (India) and its literacy rate is greater than our literacy rate which is at 117 ranks. Not even India but Japan has also left behind the USA in terms of literacy rate Because before giving them the education they teach civility and discipline. In the childhood of any Japanese children in the first three years of school is for teaching them Civility and discipline. The attendance in school is almost 99 per cent.

amazing facts about japan
There is almost nobody employed for cleaning roads or streets in Japan because there is no need for cleaning the roads, they are already maintained and cleaned by people. Everybody keeps there surrounding and nearby places clean by themselves. Even in the schools, the students are appointed for cleaning there classrooms and tables.
amazing facts about japan

The third thing to learn from Japan is that there is almost 0 percentage of homeless people. The total population of Japan is 12 crore from that only 0.004 per cent of people are homeless. According to a survey in 2017, there are only 25000 people homeless. We should also adopt such policies in our country.

amazing facts about japan

In Japan, almost 2000 earthquake occurs every year. Every single minute they feel an earthquake. Every year lots of money and lives are lost then also the people stand up again starts their life no matter what happens. Such confidence in the people takes the country to the top. Even within a day or two days the roads and bridges are repaired again.

amazing facts about japan

The fifth thing we should learn from Japan is youth power. The youth population is this is the country is larger than any other country. After graduating from college, they begin to show their leadership qualities.

amazing facts about japan

The people in Japan are very polite to each other and they also don’t show off to others. Even in the trains if someone pickup the phone call then they have to pay fine for it. They are always kind to each other in the sense of speaking and behaviour.

amazing facts about japan

Everybody knows the meaning of honesty but this is truly implemented by the Japanese. They always think better about others and in that sense, they show honesty to them. If they found others property then they try to give it back to that person or they first summit it to the police station.

amazing facts about japan

There is an idiom in Japan which says, Being ten minute early is earlier, being five minutes early is being on time and being on time is you are late. This shows that the people there are very careful about time and respect time.


If there is porcelain or ceramic bowl in your house and if it breaks then what you will do, you will throw it. But in Japan people keep that broken bowl and take it to repair it. They think that if something is broken and restored again then it becomes more precious.


Everybody has proper knowledge about pollution and how to maintain a clear atmosphere.

They use pollution control masks and do several things which can reduce pollution like planting trees in their backyards, etc.