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Yeh Ballet is an upcoming Bollywood movie coming soon on a streaming platform like Netflix. This movie is directed by Sooni Taraporevala starring new actors Manish Chauhan and Achintya Bose. Netflix has recently announced the release date of Yeh Ballet which features the story of two young boys who struggles to become a ballet dancer.

Yeh Ballet – Cast

  • Achintya Bose
  • Manish Chauhan
  • Julian Sands (A Room With A View)
  • Jim Sarbh (Neerja)
  • Danish Husain (Bard of Blood)
  • Vijay Maurya (Gully Boy)
  • Heeba Shah (Afsos)
  • Kalyanee Mulay (Nude)

The film Features the two dancers, Manish Chauhan who played the role of Nishu who was a winner of a dance show and Achintya Bose who played the role of Asif who was the competitor later become friends. Julian Sands and Jim Sarbh were also added to cast.

Yeh Ballet – Trailer

Yeh Ballet Download: This movie is about two young boys from Mumbai who accidentally become friends and their lives totally change when Saul (Sands), a turning dance teacher finds them serendipitously in an uninspiring dance institute in Mumbai. Saul pushes them to set out on an intense dance form called ballet dance, a dance move that was absolutely strange to them. They get through the shackles of society and family who they fight to become male ballet artists. With established enthusiastic minutes and jolting exhibitions across different move styles like free-form, desi hip-jump, and expressive dance. This story catches the excellent and cheerful universe of moves and struggles of these two young boys who make their way to International ballet schools.

Yeh Ballet – Release Date

The official release date for Yeh Ballet is announced by Netflix which will Release on 21st February 2020. Padma Shri awardee Mrs Sooni Taraporevala the director of the movie also stated that the movie will be an awesome and almost unbelievable story that will make you believe in passion towards your goals. This movie will be an inspiration to many new strugglers in India who wants to achieve more in their life.

How to Download and watch Yeh Ballet

Download Yeh Ballet: To watch and download the Yeh Ballet movie on Netflix you must have any Netflix subscription, which is now also available for only 199 rupees for a month. You can also download the movies form the Netflix app and watch it later whenever you want to. After having NetFlix plan you can watch movies as well as web series such as Sacred Games, Money Heist, Bard of Blood and many more.


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