Do you want to earn money from the share market? If the answer is yes, then now there is a need to learn the stock market. Because if you step into this industry without learning, then your money will sink. There is a lot to learn and understand in the share market and for this, an expert experienced is needed who can give his knowledge and experience to you.

You might think, if we can get information on youtube then why would we read the boring books, right? but as you know no one can be an expert, just after watching 15-20 min videos. If you have to be a professional trader o investor, then you will have to dive into deep in share market, and these books are written by experts like warrant buffet and other big names from the share market. So our recommendation is always towards books over youtube videos.

We have researched and brought 7 most useful books for the share market in the Hindi language, so whether you don’t know English or you are a beginner, any of these books can give you basic to advance knowledge about the share market. Let’s start the “top 7 books on the share market in Hindi”

1: Share Market Mein Safal Kaise Ho

If you want to learn everything about the share market from beginning to end, then this book is best for you. There are many such books in the market, but this book is something else because every little thing has been explained well in it like what is the complete process, how to do minimum investment, what is intraday and many more. . Due to having so much information in a book of just Rs 150, it has been liked by most people on Amazon.

2: Bhartiya Sharebazaar Ki Pehchan

In this book, you will be know all basics about the Indian share market. Investment basic, securities, IPO related, Intraday, How to enter the stock market, commodities, mutual funds, technical analysis, etc. all topics are covered especially for the absolute beginner with simple Hindi language. You can purchase this book from amazon for the cost of 220 rupees only.

3: A to Z Share Market (Intraday Trading)

This book is specially made for intraday and technical analysis, where you will learn technical analysis, market trends, what is stop loss, how to put the right stop-loss, etc in proper Hindi language. If you want to enter the stock market for trading purposes then you should read this book first. You can purchase this book from amazon for just 399 rupees.

4: Share Market Guide Hindi

Share Market Guide There are many books available in the market on the subject of the share market, but the author has tried to explain the complex aspects of the financial sector in a clear and simple language through this book. Working of the stock market, commodity market, mutual funds, and idiomatic language used in the market are explained with an explanation. We have also given your suggestions for choosing a good broker. For the convenience of the reader, an explanation of the factors affecting the market, a description of the historical downturns of the market, asset allocation and a discussion of popular investment methods are the specialties of this book. The presented book will act as a good guidebook not only for new beginners but also for students pursuing degree courses, academic certification, and professional examinations. I am sure this book will clear the queries, doubts, and queries of the financial sector knowledge seekers. Potential investors will be able to enter the financial market with better confidence by getting information from this book.

5: Buffett & Graham Se Seekhen Share Market Mein

The book presents the fundamentals of investing, with real examples, that have been propounded by Benjamin Graham, the father of the method of scientific investing. It also analyzes the simple, yet very effective guidelines that his brightest student, Warren Buffett, took to overcome the challenges of the investing world to become one of the three richest men in the world. It also describes how to profit with the help of detailed analysis, independent thinking, and discipline, and how to ignore the market trends while keeping your emotions in check. It also cited examples of the most successful investors in the Indian markets—the exceptionally successful Ashish Dhawan, founder of Chris Capital, Madhav Dhar, former head of Emerging Markets at Morgan Stanley; Chaitanya Dalmiya, whose own company has outperformed other funds, and -br>-Sanjay Bakshi, who teaches value investing and also runs a fund exclusive to India.

6: Stock Market Mein Safal Hone ke 41 Tips (hindi)

This book is the latest book by renowned Research Analyst Mahesh Chand Kaushik. Presently, the old techniques in the stock market are almost ineffective, as, with the advent of discount broker houses and the increased participation of retail investors in options and delivery in the market, the time when investors can buy large quantities of a stock is gone. Used to buy and hold for 15 to 20 percent return. At present, most of the retail investors are either trading intra-day and making money in single-day trading call puts with short expiry of seven days or taking small profits in swing trades, thereby making the market There are more fluctuations in the smaller range. The present book has been written in this context. This is the only book of its kind, in which the author has made a meaningful effort to cover the ocean in Gargar by including intra-day, options trade, and swing trade. In this book, the author shares his 15 years of trading experience through 41 tips, which are essential for all investors, big and small, aspiring to make profits in the stock market.

7: Warren Buffett (Hindi)

The book is one of the most popular books in the share market, which is based on warren buffet and his journey. The world knows him less than his name Warren Buffet and more as the magician of the stock market, the king of Berkshire, the biggest player on Wall Street, and the Oracle of Omaha. Seeing this man with normal stature and a sense of humor, it does not seem that he can be the third richest man in the world and the second richest man in America. He was ranked third in the list of billionaires released by Forbes magazine in April 2007, behind Bill Gates of Microsoft and Carlos Skim Hale of Mexico. Warren created a new history of great charity by donating $ 30 billion, i.e. about 83 percent of his gross wealth, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the betterment of people around the world. Understanding Warren Buffett’s personality or forming an opinion about him is as complicated as the stock market. While on the one hand, he keeps manipulating Wall Street for every pie, on the other hand, he donates his lifetime earnings to charity in one go.


These are the top 7 selected books on the share market, which are available in Hindi and also available on amazon. Either you can search these books on google and you might be able to download their pdf for free. But we recommend you buy from amazon, you will more enjoy reading hardcopy book over pdf version.