SeriesAngry Birds
CreatorClay Kaytis
Fergal Reilly
Produced byJohn Cohen
Catherine Winder
Release Date2007


Bird Island is an island inhabited by birds that cannot fly. Once there, you see a doll, which infuriates Red because the laughter creates a doll, but he calms down. A little blush; but it strikes, provoking Red angrily and calming himself down again. Unfortunately, Red gets angry a third time and sets him up to shatter into pieces. In this kind of rage, Matilda, a hen who was once a very angry bird and encounters her partner Chuck Therapy, who is punished for speeding faster than, the Bombana Borana stage, who has problems with outbursts when angry or scared and Terence Cardinal is strong. and healthy from Maltida didn’t reveal his records, but police sirens indicated he was in for a fire that may have been caused. The class network didn’t help control his anger and over time he got bored.

The next day, Stella, a cockatoo from Galach, warns the birds that they are coming ashore by ship (apparently with two crew onboard) and accidentally destroys Red’s house in the process. Once addicted, the pigs are two green pigs, one of whom is described as Leonard, who claims to be a “browser” with the idea of ​​strengthening the bonds of friendship accepted by the bird community, rather than a network that suspects both visitors and suspects. his sudden appearance on the island. The night after the pigs show them the bird’s giant snare, use Red as a volunteer to waste space and fall onto the beach where the pig’s boat is. The therapy is shared: Chuck and the accompanying bomb inspect the boat and find that there are more pigs on board. Red interrupts the pig presentation and directs another bird hiding in the boat to see that Leonard is lying about the mentioned pig, but Leonard tells the birds that their “cousin” wants to impress the pig with “Show the Cowboys”. The red one is even angrier and adjusts and returns to his ruined house.

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