Pubg’s Best Alternative Indian Action Survival Multiplayer Game FauG Apk Download (Available or Not?)

Recently the Indian government decided to ban 118 Chinese apps in India. And 4th September 2020 government announced the list of 118 chines apps that will be banned in India. This same scenario occurred before also when 50 apps got banned by the Indian government and the most popular video making app Tiktok got banned. But this time the popular game Pubg is included in this list and that is why most Indian gamers feel bad about it. We have seen some cases while such gamers are gone in depression. So on the 5th of September we have seen Akshay Kumar’s Instagram post and everyone was happy after seen that post. the post was about a new multiplayer game named FauG.

FauG First Poster

in this post, Akshay Kumar says ” narendramodi’s Atma Nirbhar movement,  proud to present a multiplayer action game, Fearless And United – Guards FAU-G. Besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to #BharatKeVeer Trust”

Akshay Kumar said that 20% of the revenue will be doneted to Bharat Ke Veer trust which willbe used for our Indian army, this might be the first game that is doing this type of donation. That is the main reason that everyone is happy and waiting for playing this game.

FauG Release Date

We have seen only just a poster on social media. And the official release date is not disclosed yet. But as we know every big project has its testing version aka beta version. So we will see soon the beta version of the FauG which will be able to download for users. We know everyone is excited about playing this game but we will have to wait until an official announcement comes regarding the release date.

FauG Apk Download Possible or Not?

After Pubg banned, gamers need the best alternative for Pubg as a multiplayer action game. There are tons of games that have released after Pubg such as COC (Call Of Duty), Free Fire, and other survival games. But no one could have success to beat Pubg. That is why The FauG could be the best alternative for Pubg. As Pubg, FauG will be the action survival game with a multiplayer option, in which the user will feel the army’s survival life and also show his gaming skill. And this would be also a big part of our Indian youtube streamers.

The main question is, is it possible to download FauG right now? so it’s sad to say but you can not download Faug at this moment. because according to serval reports FauG is in the developing stage and it will take little time, But not much time. Its beta version should be launched at the end of 2020.

will FauG release for, Apk or IOS?

Whether you are android user or IOS user, you do not have to worry about it. The game will be available for both platform. Because the creators of the Faug, Ncore is a proffessional game development compony and they will be develop both version Apk and IOS. So that the android users and the Apple users both will be able to play this game.

FauG Game Size and Download Process

Not perfect but the approximate size will be 1.5 Gb for android and around 1.8 to 2.0 Gb size could be for Apple, as always Apple apps have been heavy than android.

The download process will be simple, as you have downloaded many games before. For android you can download from google play store and the apple store will upload this game as well. You don’t need to download this game or Apk from other third party sources, and we do not recommend doing so for security purposes.

Will Faug Replace Pubg ?

As we see when Tiktok got banned, there are so many other alternatives come out there such as MX takatak, Instagram Reels, Rupose etc. And as time has gone people got used to with this alternatives. Same will be happen with Faug, because Pubg might never come back in India so people have to change their test. Infact, Atma Nirbhar Bharat would be the reason to play Faug in alt of Pubg rather than playing other alternatives. So yes definatly FauG will replace Pubg, infact everyone should play this game for encouraging Indian gaming industries.