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Nowadays the mode of transport is Bikes, Cars, Buses, Trains and the fastest mode of transport Aeroplanes. But now there is a new concept which is introduced and known as Hyperloop Technologies which can travel at a speed of Airline or even more than that. Hyperloop One is also a type of rail but at a high speed. There are many trains around the world that can run at high speeds like Bullet trains or Magnetic Trains in China, but they are not so fast as Aeroplanes and cannot be planned in countries like India. This new technology is coming in India and has planned to set up its first route from Mumbai to Pune. Lets first see how this works.
Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Virgin Hyperloop One

What is Hyperloop One Technology?

Hyperloop one is an American technology that works to transport cargo or people at high-speed technology called Hyperloop. This system is used to move cargo or passengers from one place to another place at airline speed at a fraction of minimum cost. The hyperloop concept was first introduced by Elon Musk on August 12/2013, and this company was established on June 1/2014 and renamed its company name to Virgin Hyperloop One on October 12/2017. It is a private company founded 5 years ago and its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, USA. This project was firstly tested form, Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Virgin Hyperloop One

This is totally based on a Pod which runs in a tube, which has a low pressure inside. They use a linear electric motor to forward the train and to decrease the speed of the train they had used an electromagnetic levitate. This system can only be used to transport from A to B destination on-demand at a speed of 1200 km/h with very low disturbance. These tubes can be built underground or above the land on pillars which can eliminate the dangers of crossings. They had set a goal to provide this Hyperloop technology publicly by 2020 or 2021.

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Virgin Hyperloop One

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop One

The Hyperloop One between Mumbai and Pune will be the first hyperloop to be developed globally and India will become the first country to use this technology. The chief minister of Maharashtra has announced that “Maharashtra will create the first Hyperloop transportation system in the world which will supply a chain starting from Pune”. India is in the lead to build the first hyperloop worldwide which is a moment of pride for India. The cost of the travel will be similar to Metros and it will have two types such as business class and a standard one which will cost less.

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Virgin Hyperloop One

The planned hyperloop tunnel will connect the two cities which are in western India and they are approximate 147 km and usually take three and a half-hour by cars and this train will take you to the destination within 25 minutes at a speed of 1000 to 1200 km/h. But this will be one point to another point trip, so you cannot say that you want to stop at Lonavala. This project is working under the approbation of the Indian state Maharashtra and with the several companies such as DP World.
Besides India, many other countries like the UAE, Europe and the USA are planning to set up Virgin hyperloop one system. UAE is planning to link Dubai and Abu Dhabi while USA is planning to link Washington DC to connect the New York city by digging a tunnel. Later in future, many cities will be connected by hyperloop. They had told that they will start this hyperloop for the public from 2021 onwards in Maharashtra where you can book the ticket at home.

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