A new way to record a 15-sec music video on Instagram is Instagram Reels. This new feature on Instagram has become live after the ban of Tiktok in India. Instagram Reels is almost compared to Tiktok, and most likely, it is similar to Tiktok.

If you are also a TikTok User, you also have to come to the fold after the TikTok ban. TikTok Videos used to come true makes entertaining. But now the popular social media platform Instagram himself has introduced Instagram reels with his 15sec short music video feature.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram’s Reels feature was still in the testing phase in India, but after the Tiktok ban, they now officially launched for India on behalf of the Phyli company. Users will be able to record videos of 15 seconds in Instagram’s Reels. You can also create loop video clips. Also, like Tiktok, you will be able to add music and different clips of your choice.

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How to use Instagram Reels

To use the Reel feature, users will first need to select the Reel feature at the bottom side of the Instagram camera, followed by several editing tools on the left side of the screen. Reels include features such as audio, AR effects, timers, and counselling, aline, and speed. Users will be able to access Instagram’s music library. Also, reel records will be able to use original audio optionally. At the same time, users will get many effects in the AR library. Users have been given a timer to record hands-free clips.

Does Instagram Reels is better than Tiktok?

Yes, of course, Instagram Reels is than Tiktok because there is no privacy issue on Instagram, and the first thing it is not Chinese.

Reel users will be able to post as feeds and share as a story that will disappear in 24 hours. Facebook launched the TikTok-like Lasso app. However, it has now been announced to close it. It was not launched in India. Facebook India vice president and managing director Ajit Mohan said that considering Instagram posts, every third post of Instagram is a video. Meaning the demand for video in India is increasing. Hence Instagram is better than any other Chinese apps.