SeriesKubo and the Two Strings 
CreatorTravis Knight
Produced byArianne Sutner
Travis Knight
Release DateAugust 19, 2016


One day, Kubo learns about the Obon Festival, a ceremony where family members communicate with their deceased loved ones. At the cemetery, trying to talk to his father Hanzo, he gets angry when his father doesn’t respond. While Kubo remained outside after sunset, the Sariatu sisters found him and attacked him. His mother came to protect him. He sent Kubo with his magic and told him that the only thing he would protect was his father’s magic armor. He took a lock of his hair before inviting his sister.

Kubo wakes up and meets Simian, the little talisman, the wooden snow monkey who has been enlivened by his mother’s magic. She tells him that her mother is dead, her village has been destroyed, and that she must survive without the sisters finding her. The next morning, Simian wakes up and paints Kubo “Little Hanzo,” one of Kubo’s origami designs designed by his father, and it multiplies and comes alive at night. Hanzo Kubo and little Simian show them a way to save their father’s armor, where they are greeted by Scarab, an amnesiac samurai who is cursed to take the form of a beetle and claims to be Hanzo’s disciple. Simian doesn’t believe it, but ends up joining them in their search when Beetle learns that Kubo is Hanzo’s son.

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