Mahabharata is the most significant book with 1 lakh slokas (in Sanskrit) in the world. Everyone knows about Mahabharat, Right? The story based on the battle between Pandavas and Kauravas for the kingdom of Hastinapur. Lord Krishna involve himself in this battle for truth and help Pandavas and give them advice about the struggle. For this epic story, there has been many serials, movies, and even cartoons have already made. But this time Bollywood’s perfectionist actor Aamir Khan has taken up a most ambitious project of his life, Yes it is magnum opus Mahabharata.  

Estimated Budget rupees 1000 crore

Yes, you heard right, the budget of this project will be rupees 1000 crore. But you may think that this budget is too much for Bollywood movie, right? But let me tell you that it will not be a solo movie, it will be the whole series. So 1000 crore rupees is the budget of an entire series. When it comes to this much money, then how can we forget about Reliance?  So, this series will be co-produced by reliance industries. Famous film trade analyst Ramesh Bala confirmed this news on his Twitter account.  


You will see the big faces of Bollywood in this epic series. Amir Khan himself will play the role of Lord Krishna. Let’s see other casts of the movie Mahabharat.

KarnaHritik Roshan
BhismaAmitabh Bachchan
ArjunaFarhan Akhtar
YudhisthiraArjun Rampal
DuryodhanaAjay Devgan
DussasanaAbhishek Bachchan
DraupadiDeepika Padukone

Release Date 

There is no official release date announced yet, but according to serval reports, it should be released at the ending of 2020. Or we know it’s a big project so that the release date might be postponed in 2021.

Some of the details we have shown up are not official. We have got these details from interviews and reports. If we get any official announcement, then we will tell you first. So stay tuned up with us, WholeDope.

Latest Updates*

According to reports was said that the Mahabharata could be made from the perspective of the ear. If it comes to the screen, it can hit the Mahabharata with the Dipika Padukone, which can be made from the angle of Draupadi. However, it is too early to predict any project as no official information has come to the fore so far. Till now, no official release date is announced.


  1. Bekar roll h sabka mera mano to hritik sir ko arjun ka roll dijiye or lord of krishna ka roll akashay sir ko or arjun sir ko yudhishthir ka nahi balki yudhishthir ka roll amir sir ko lena chahiye

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