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Did you know about MovierulZ?

MovierulZ: Did you ever hear about MovierulZ? yes, of course, many people of you already know about MovierulZ. But for those who don’t know about MovierulZ and first time see this word on the internet then let us tell you a brief introduction about MovierulZ. So MovierulZ is a movie downloading website work on the torrent file system, don’t worry if you have never heard about torrent, we will cover this in the next topic.MovierulZ is a torrent based website that provides pirated copies of the upcoming in illegal ways. we will discuss what is pirated copies in further topics. MovierulZ not only leaks Bollywood movies, but they are also leaking Hollywood movies as well in additional dual audio format with original English audio. Movierulz also doing piracy of television shows and web series. They provide copyrighted content without any legal license.

We know that in India, The government has been started an anti-piracy campaign against piracy websites and has been started banned movie downloading websites by the department of telecommunication. MovierulZ had caught by the government and got banned a few years ago. So you can not directly access movierulz. But here we go don’t panic here you will see from how to access the website to how to download free HD movies from it. In the next topic, we are going to tell you how movierulz actual work, its structures, and functions.

How MovierulZ work?

MovierulZ is based on torrent files and magnet links. Which is work on peer to peer file sharing. So the question comes into your mind that what is a peer to peer file sharing? In a torrent file, which is a small size file, you can upload it on the internet. This file is working as a bond between two devices. So whenever you open that torrent file it makes the connection between two devices from the device where actual video or audio file available to the device in which you want to download the particular movie. To do so there is no third party restriction that would interfere in such type on the connection. That is why it seems unethical and illegal. because by this system anything can transfer through it such as some extremely Ilegal stuff.

I hope you understand how torrent websites work. In this way, they can hide from the search engines because the crawlers can’t identify any direct download file link on the website’s webpage. Torrent file and magnet links have been working for a while. So MovierulZ has been used torrent file and magnet links to hide from Google and other search engines. MovierulZ provides all types of resolution including HD mp4, 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p even for some movies they provide 4k print as well. They are providing all sized prints 180MB, 240MB, 350MB, 450MB,700MB, 900MB, 1GB, 1.5GB, and 2.5 GB as well You can easily visit MovierulZ website and download any movie and choose resolution you want to download.

What is a pirated movie?

MovierulZ: So many people of you already know that what pirated movie is. but for those who don’t know about pirated movies let them explain me. Pirated movies are movies that are leaked before their release on officially on theatre or any such a platform. As we know after the revolution of 4g technology in India. people are likely to watch movies online or download to their phones rather than go to the big cinema. Such people don’t want to pay any penny for entertainment and even want to watch for free that is why they are finding this type of such a movie downloading website.

There might be a question in your mind that how people are doing movie piracy? so let me tell you, there are lots of different aspects behind piracy like sometimes movie got pirated while it goes to censor board to review the movie, due to some corrupt people it goes leak. Other chances are while making movies some of the corrupt people leak the movie. You can understand there are so many reasons behind the movie leak before release.

Actually, this problem is not only happening in India, in fact, this is a worldwide problem but there are different types of laws for this illegal thing. Let us tell you the piracy is not only limited to the movies, in fact nowadays web series is as popular as movies. Web series also leak before release. Not only movies and web series, but there are also such other things that are there which has been becoming a victim of piracy like tv shows, music, and software as well. So we hope you get all about piracy. Let’s take a look out on some pirated Bollywood movies.

Some Popular Movies Leaked by MovierulZ

1. Udta Punjab – Udta Punjab was launched in 2016 it was black comedy crime film based on drug abuse by the youth population in Punjab. Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were lead stars in this film. This movie was leaked before its release on some pirated websites.2. Mohalla Assi – Many of them don’t even know about this movie but let me tell you this movie is a comedy-drama film and was released in 2018. Start cast of the film were Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar. But sadly this film had also become a victim of piracy. 3. Tera Kya Hoga Johnny – This film was released in 2008. The star cast of the film was Sudhir Mishra and Manu Kumaran directed by Sudhir Mishra. This film was also leaked at that time on the internet before release. 4. Great Grand Masti – I think everyone has known about Great Grand Masti. And some of you also had seen this movie on your device before release. This film is a horror adult comedy film directed by Indra Kumar. This film was the third part of the famous comedy series Masti. But unfortunately, this was leaked on some pirated websites before release and production had faced huge losses.

How to Download Movies From MovierulZ?

MovierulZ: I know all of you want free movies and web series and you can download any HD movies and web series on MovierulZ. Now the question is “is it still possible to access MovierulZ in 2020?” so the straight answer is yes, but the second question is “How?” so don’t worry we will tell you everything about MovierulZ just keep your eyes on the further topics. As we know MovierulZ‘s official website has banned by the government but as we said above there are lots of tricks to survive on the internet one of them is changing domain whenever the old domain gets banned. exactly MovierulZ doing the same, they have been changing their domain to survive on the web. Because nowadays lots of new domain extensions are coming frequently. Such as .ws, .gk, .ca, .ga, etc according to our experience, is the latest domain of MovierulZ, you can also check by yourself.

But wait, one important thing is to forget to tell you that after changing domain extensions even it could be banned by the government. So there is another way to access the MovierulZ website with keeping your privacy secure, which is VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you don’t know about VPN, don’t worry we will discuss it in the next topic.

MovierulZ Free HD Movies Download

MovierulZ New Links 2020

MovierulZ: After knowing that MovierulZ‘s website is still working, you all are becoming hungry to visit the MovierulZ website. After heavy research, we have collected almost every link related to the MovierulZ on the internet. Some of them are might not work but we suggest to try each and every link one by one.

MovierulZ Proxy 2020 ( New Domain)

Above we listed all new links ofMovierulZ in 2020. At this time while writing this post we have tried and it is working perfectly. But whenever you read this article it might not be work that time. If it does not work try every link we listed above. And one important thing, don’t forget to use a VPN. We are going to discuss VPN on further topics.

How to Download HD Movies from MovierulZ

MovierulZ: You will find almost every movie onMovierulZ‘s website from Hollywood to the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Web Series as well. It is an easy way to download any movie or web series you want. If you have visited the website and see the homepage of MovierulZ. You will see different types of resolution and file size links after the movie’s name. let’s see step by step process.

  • First, click on any resolution print you want.
  • After on the second page, you will see the movie poster. Exactly below the poster, you will see two kinds of links.
  • 1st link will download a torrent file to your device and 2nd link will redirect you to the torrent download software or application.
  • If you choose 1st link then you can download anytime by clicking on the small-sized torrent file.
  • The torrent file will also redirect you to the Torrent download software or application.
  • That’s it your desirable movie will be on your device soon. 

Above we mentioned torrent download software or application. To download a movie from the movierulZ, you will need one torrent download application on your device. There is two popular application are available on internet 1st is Utorrent and 2nd is BitTorrent. You can download any one of them from their official website. So we hope you have got that how to download movies from MovierulZ. Now let’s see some popular movies available on MovierulZ.

Some of the Popular Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hollywood Movies on MovierulZ

  These popular movies are recently uploaded on MovierulZ. You can easily visit the website and can download whatever movie you want by using our step by step process to download any movie from MovierulZ.   You will see different types of category on movierulz for different types of the movie so let’s see all category available on movierulz website

MovierulZ Website’s Catagory

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • 300MB Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Tv Shows
  • Netflix Series
  • Hindi Web Series
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Bangla Movies

Movierulz Bollywood Movies Free

If you have already visited Movierulz then you have seen so many Bollywood movies on the website. They are to fast in movie piracy within a day or two they are uploaded theatre print on their website. So you can easily download any Bollywood movie on MovierulZ.  

Download Hollywood Movies On MovierulZ

Yes, you have read right you can also download Hollywood Movies from MovierulZ. If you think that Hollywood Movies don’t pirate but let me tell you how they leak Hollywood Movies on MovierulZ. There is not 1 or 2 people, in fact, there is a huge group. They have spread throughout the whole country and go to watch a movie in the theatre and after that with the help of a handi camera or something else they shoot the whole film in the theatre. These recorded prints after published on movierulz.  

Movierulz Tamil Movies Download

It is true but nowadays Tamil films are more popular than Bollywood and Hollywood Movies in India. People are liking action of Tamil superstars. Even Tamil love story and comedy movies are also popular in India. So you can also download Tamil movies from MovierulZ easily. Simply click on the Tamil category and you will see the latest Tamil movie list and download whatever you want to download.

Movierulz Telugu Movies Download

Telugu movies are as popular as Tamil movies you know. People are also liking Telugu movies as well. So the point is you will see another section in movierulz named Telugu. Here you can download your desirable Telugu movies. You will also see all the resolution in Telugu movies.  

Movierulz Malayalam Movies Download

There is one similar thing in Tamil movies, Telugu movies and, Malayalam movies is the action. Yes, you may be not seen action like the south movies. So the Malayalam movie is able to download from movierulz in a resolution you want.  

Movierulz Telegram Group

MovierulZ: Telegram has been popular in such a thing either it is movie or web series. Many movie downloading websites owners running the telegram group. In the telegram group, they can easily share movie download link and users can download on one click. Similarly, MovierulZ has its own telegram group. If you are lazy and don’t want to visit the website and little completed process for download a movie. Then you could join MovierulZ Telegram Group. To join their telegram group you can directly search on Google “MovierulZ Telegram” you will find the join link. Or you can directly join by telegram app, just search the exact word “MovierulZ” on the global search menu, you will see their group on the top of the results.

Is there any Application of MovierulZ?

MovierulZ: This question is definitely come into your mind, right? so the answer is “Yes”. The official MovierulZ Application is available on the internet. I know the application is an easy way to download HD movies, So Movierulz has done their job, they have made an application for movie lovers. This application is not available on Play Store or App Store but you can download it from any application download website. Some brief details of the MovierulZ Application.

Movierulz Application

As you know the movie downloading application is not applicable to Google play store or Apple app store, You can not upload this type of application on it. But the internet is not a small thing for hiding something. For download the official movierulz app search on google, you will see so many websites that provide movierulz app but they are not all official, Some of them might be spam or malware that can harm your device so be careful while downloading movierulz app. Below we gave some important details about movierulz app, So you can simply identify the right app and download it on your device.  

  • Application Name – MovierulZ
  • Version – 7.0
  • Support Requirement – Android OS (v4.0 or above)
  • Size – 4mb
  • Last Updated – 6 February 2020
  • Language – English

Other Alternative Websites of MovierulZ

MovierulZ: If you thought Movierulz is the only website that is involved in movie piracy, but it is not a truth. On the entire internet, you can find so many websites are live which provide pirated movies same as. MovierulZ. They are also facing the same problem as MovierulZ like blocking domain regularly by government, Using torrent file system, Changing domain regularly. You can understand those websites are also illegal as much asMovierulZ. We have researched many alternative websites of MovierulZ and made a list for you. Let’s see the alternative websites of MovierulZ.

  • Tamilrockers
  • Filmywap
  • Moviescounter
  • Extramovies
  • Tamilgun
  • ssrmovies
  • Khatrimaza
  • Worldfree4u
  • MovieRulz
  • 123movies
  • KatMoviesHD
  • DownloadHub
  • MadrasRockers
  • piratebay

There are still lots other websites are there on the internet but we listed only some of popular and most searched website’s name. You can check one by one if you want, but let us tell you that you will need to have to use VPN to access these websites. But as you know that, This is a totally illegal thing to downloading or watching movies from pirated websites, Do on your own risk we do not recommend to do this. Yes, you might have a question that millions of people are already downloading movies from these websites so why not us. As you know among so many pirated websites, only people behind MovierulZ had arrested, so if you want to be safe then stay away from these websites.  

Keywords That Can Help You To Find MovierulZ

  • movierulz website
  • movierulz ms
  • movierulz pe 
  • movierulz plz
  • movierulz ps
  • movierulz ac
  • movierulz me
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  • movierulz max
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  • movierulz Telugu
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  • movierulz Malayalam
  • movierulz Kannada
  • movierulzfree
  • movierulz3
  • new Telugu movies
  • movierulz2
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  • movierulz website link
  • 3 movierulz website
  • movierulz VCD
  • 2movierulz website
  • Telugu movies to watch 2018
  • movierulz.vpn Telugu movies download
  • yedu chepala Katha movierulz
  • movies download the app
  • jio rockers

MovierulZ site

MovierulZ site is an active domain of movierulz in 2020. if you read this article right now then you can access Movierulz site by using VPN.  

MovierulZ ws

MovierulZ ws is another active domain or link of movierulz ws. If you are reading this in 2020 then you can simply visit Movierulz ws by using VPN.  

MovierulZ ms

You might think what is this so let me tell you this is a keyword that can help you to find MovierulZ official website. Movierulz ms is the LSI keyword of MovierulZ and around 1 million people searching every month.  

MovierulZ plz

MovierulZ plz is also the LSI keyword of Movierulz. This keyword will also help you to find the official Movierulz website.  

Movierulz ps

The third LSI keyword of movierulZ is MovierulZ ps. It hs also 1 million monthly searches and helps you to find official MovierulZ website. We listed almost every keyword related to MovierulZ check every keyword by your self they all will help you to find MovierulZ official website.    

Is it safe to Download HD Movies From MovierulZ?

MovierulZ: There are two aspects of this question like it is illegal so you take it as unsafe but despite illegal, you can use to be safe by such tactics. But let’s talk about what happened if you download movies from pirated websites?  You will go to jail to do so. How? if it is shown in a court that you are a victim to infringe the copyright of the movie by download. So the court can take a legal action on you to steal some one’s copyrighted property. You might have a jail for 6 months to 3 years, not only jail you will have to pay fine around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 200,000. We know it’s a little scary who wants to go jail for simple movie download. But it might he happened not in all cases but sometimes.   Let’s talk about another aspect that you can download a movie to be safe yourself. How? above you read that “how to download movies from MovierulZ?” yes, you can follow those steps. You can use VPN to be secure or hide your IP from search engines or government. We hope you get all the points we have discussed now. It is in your hand to be safe yourself or not, according to use please stay away from these websites.


MovierulZ: If you read the full article then I thought you got each and every point on MovierulZ. Now you may be known that how to download HD movies from MovierulZ. we have covered such brief topics like pirated movies, VPN and torrent file systems. We have also discussed legal action that could be taken by the government for downloading movies from MovierulZ. But if you really want to visit the MovierulZ website and download movies from it, then you can try each link we listed above I know it’s a little headache. So that’s it.


Downloading or watching piracy content from any piracy websites is serious offences in India. You might be faced with legal action by the government. Wholedope is not supporting any type of piracy. All the details you have shown only provided for informative purposes. We don’t promote any type of piracy. If you do anything wrong that is not our responsibility. It’s better to choose the right way to download or watch your desirable content – Wholedope

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