The new iPhone 12 is going to be the biggest up-gradation for the Apple industry this coming year 2020. Here`s everything you should know about this upcoming amazing product.

By WholeDope | 24 Dec 19

iphone 12 launch date


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As we know that this year Apple launched the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max with new camera upgrades and some more features inside them. And they became the best phones in the year 2019. But now we all are waiting for the new phone which is going to be a huge change in Apple smartphones. Some are talking about having a bezel-less display with zero notches, that means a bigger screen will be available for users.

In the upcoming year, 2020 iPhone 12 will reportedly be Steve Job`s first phone to support 5G networking. According to reports, at least one model will support 5G networking. Even all the coming phones in 2020 will be supporting 5G and will be able to take advantage of high-speed internet. Peoples are also saying that they will also introduce on-screen Touch ID functionality, which will be the great news for Apple users out there.
Further in this article, we will be looking ahead to iPhone 12, expected date to launch in the coming year 2020 and we will gather some latest and most curiosities rumours about its expected price, new features, design, technical specification, and helps you to make sense about all the theory which people are making.

Release date

As we knew that the iPhone 6 was released before the spring and iPhone 7 after the spring. So it is highly predictable that the small screen phones or the budget phones will be released around the end of March and April of 2020 because every spring there`s at least a new model launched by the Apple. Therefore it is possible that Apple will release there new iPhone 12 in September 2020 and it will be definitely around the second week of the month. So we can guess that we will be able to see the new iPhone 12 on 8th of September.

What to expect

Whenever Apple releases its new product in the market, they always introduce a new feature or functionality in the phone a cracks the sales of other phones companies. In 2019 they introduced a triple camera feature in their iPhone 11 pro max with new square housing for the cameras also the same square housing design for iPhone 11 but left rest of the design same as the old iPhone Xs max. Therefore our expectation for the iPhone 12 design is higher in next year. So we suspect that 2020 will be a year of noteworthy design change.
Nowadays every smartphone is coming with bezel-less displays and with a large screen with no notch. But removing the notch for Apple is a very big deal for them because notch contains several necessary sensors such as face id and many important sensors. So removing the notch will create a design problem for them. 
According to reports, there will be four models of iPhone 12 which will be coming in different sizes, colours and features. The most waiting feature will be introduced in 2020 of 5G connectivity. But Apple is still behind when it comes to 5G because any iPhone till now doesn’t support such feature.


Taking all the things in aspects including all the new features and up-gradation of 5G connectivity, Now the question arrives is, what is the price of the phone?
In India, the iPhone 11 price starts from Rs 64900 to Rs 79900 and the iPhone 11 pro starts from Rs 108250 to Rs 131900 something.
The prices of the competitors like Samsung and One plus for 5G capable phones coming out this year are priced at a premium compared to ordinary models. The Galaxy S10 5G is more expensive then Galaxy S10 which is Rs 92600 and also the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G is highly-priced than the standard Note 10 Plus. This would lead you to believe that the phone iPhone 12 would be more expensive too. Therefore we can say that the prices would be increased by Rs 2200 to Rs 7200 depending on the specific models of the phone.
Apple has been increasing its phone prices for a while now, particularly in India, and we are hoping it can change things for the late 2020 launches.
That`s all for the iPhone 12 rumours for now, and thanks for reading this article.