Chinese smartphone manufacturer company OnePlus becoming popular worldwide for numerous phones and other products. They already spread over 34 countries and regions around the world. Recently OnePluse has launched its 7th series that includes OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, and OnePlus 7T. now they have come with their first concept phone that is OnePlus Concept One with invisible cameras.
oneplus concept one specification

Tremendous Look 

oneplus concept one spec
We know that OnePlus always experimenting with materials and colors from the OnePlus One and always try to give a different experience to users whether it is sandstone or bamboo or kevlar or ceramic. So this time they collaborate with McLaren the car company. They use McLaren Signature Papaya Leather on either side and then the glass window going down the middle looks like a race track. It comes with the luminous golden border of stainless steel that is making it a modern smartphone. It would make the phone prohibitively expensive.

Electrochromic Glass

oneplus concept one camera
Have you heard about electrochromic glass before? if no then let me tell you that Electrochromic glass is the thinnest glass ever with 3.5 mm thickness, that can pass an electric current through causing the alignment of the molecules to shift preventing you from seeing through it, you can see this glass technology in MacLaren cars in its sunroofs but this is the first time we are seeing this type of technology on phone. Basically, the use of this glass is to hide cameras, but whenever you launch the camera app it will be visible, this process takes about 0.7 seconds. 


One of the smart features of this phone is ND8 option in the camera app, Use of this feature is to control daylight so you can click better pics in too much of daylight. When we talking about other specs then it comes with the same snapdragon 865 chipset and same ram and storage as OnePlus 7T.


OnePlus claims that it took 18 months to accomplish this Concept model, But we can see except Electrochromic Glass and Color nothing has changed. In fact, the whole process of tinting glass consumes power, but I don’t think anyone would sacrifice with battery drain only to make the camera invisible. Of course, we will see this technology in future phones on OnePlus. Overall this variant is looking cool and makes a phone unique from others. So tell us your thoughts about this phone-in comment. Stay tuned up with the whole dope for the latest tech updates.